In the coding mood

I'm moving onward in my "document while getting ready for a release" drive. I've been doing quite a bit of rearranging in svn, something that was always annoying to do in cvs.

I've found it interesting that I keep implementing what amounts to a "static" __construct in several of my classes.

So I was digging around on for any bug requests for a static __construct - go on, just try doing a search for static __construct - nice results eh? their search sucks so much...

Here's a bug report I want to add to my wishlist of static __construct:

Overloading for static methods and properties

Notice that this won't really work until static INHERITENCE is fixed see Annoying Statics in Php but it is something I would love. I use overloading all the time.

__call() doesn't work for static methods
is a similiar bug, only dealing with __call magic, which I don't use as often. oh and here's the inevitable duplicate Can't overload static methods with __call() (there are several more but I'm lazy) because the search mechanism for stinks!! - I usually have to have a whole bug report written and have the "autosearch" they do before I find an already submitted bug - but that's another story.


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